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New Post 9/30/2014 12:12 PM
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Professional training 

I am in the process of completing my CBAP application online. One of the conditions is at least 20 hours of professional training by their endorsed education providers. How of it is mandatory? I meet all other requirements but not this...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

New Post 12/10/2014 9:58 AM
User is offline Laura Brandenburg
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Re: Professional training 

Yes, the 21 Professional Development (PD) hours are mandatory. You can choose to earn these hours through a CBAP/CCBA-prep course or any other BA-related training.

Here is an FAQ I wrote about the CBAP process:

We also offer affordable, virtual training options for earning the PDs you need to finish your CBAP application.

New Post 12/10/2014 3:05 PM
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Re: Professional training 

Do You Have The CBAP Handbook ?

*** What qualifies for the 21 hours of required training in the past four years?

All IIBA endorsed courses qualify for the Professional Development requirement. Other courses may qualify as long as they meet the professional development criteria specified in the handbooks.


*** Is it safe to assume that when the handbook refers to Professional Development hours (and Credit Hours in the application form), that it is referring to Professional Development Units (PDUs) or CDUs/CEUs?

For initial certification, the term IIBA® uses is Professional Development (PD) hours when referring to this requirement. IIBA is very specific as to what qualifies for PD (details can be found in the CCBA® Handbook and CBAP® Handbook). On the application form, for the professional development section, the applicant is asked to fill in the number of Credit Hours for the course. 1 hour of classroom/contact time of Professional Development = 1 Credit Hour in the application form.


*** Do online courses hold as much weight as the classroom courses to meet the 21 PD hours requirement?

Online courses do hold the same weight as classroom courses for the Professional Development (PD) requirement; however, all courses must meet the PD criteria that are described in the handbooks. In addition, for online courses, you must be able to provide proof of taking the course in case you are audited. As with all courses (online and classroom), if it is endorsed by IIBA then it automatically qualifies towards the 21 hours of PD. If it is not endorsed, it does not automatically qualify and will have to be assessed at the time of application to ensure it meets the PD requirements.


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