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New Post 8/2/2009 9:57 PM
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BA/SA/BSA Role / Grade / Level classifications 


 Hi all,

I am a Business Systems Analyst for a small - medium sized company with a Business Systems team of two (myself and another BSA working under a general ICT manager) and we are looking at trying to implement a role grading classification system. By this, I mean a clarification of the responsibilities and accountabilities of a BSA at the various levels of responsibility and accountability (e.g. Junior BSA, BSA, Senior BSA).

Whilst this type of information is readily available in the Systems Administration side of ICT (provided by SAGE), it is very difficult to find in the Business Analysis or Systems Analysis areas. The IIBA has some brief information, but I was wondering if anybody in a larger organisation that actually have staff at varying levels of accountability would be prepared to share their "role descriptions" for these various levels of employment.

Thanks in advance,


New Post 8/3/2009 8:02 AM
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Re: BA/SA/BSA Role / Grade / Level classifications 


Most BA's actually spend little time analyzing businesses; they spend alot of time implementing.   So as most "anything goes", then there are no real logical destinctions betweem job titles.  What most companies do is "punt" on the issue and focus on years of experience at a given title, even though correlation between years of experience and ability to solve problems is low.

There is also politics.  Classic example: You will often hear that  BA's  focus on business processes while BSA's or SA's focus more on systems.   For other than small scale efforts, this a forced, artifical partitioning of the analysis career based upon the mechanism used to implement business functions  (i.e., software or a person who manually does the task).   For larger scale efforts, the analyst must be able to logically look at what is done - across mechanisms used to accomplish the "what".


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Vertical Domain...  BA/SA/BSA Role / Grade / Level classifications

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