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New Post 8/5/2008 12:18 PM
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Hearing back after an Interview 
Modified By Getafix  on 8/5/2008 1:49:56 PM)

I am interviewing for a BA position right now. So far I have had two face to face interviews. In the first one (which went well. I was told that the position would go to one of two candidates, so I had a 50-50 chance) they never got back when they said they would and I followed up after 10 days and was told that though there was very little to go on between us, the other candidate was selected because they felt he/she had better chemistry. They also did not bother to let me know that i was not selected.

I recently attended another face to face interview, here, there was a first round after which they told me that they thought I was a good candidate and wanted me to come back to meet with some more people. After my second visit however, I was told that they would get back to me on a date that was 10 days or so away. Now for my question.

QUESTION: If they like a candidate, and ask them to come back for another interview, why would  they not give their decision right there? Is it normal for the recruiting company to take so long to get back to candidates? A friend of mine who has also been interviewing (for engineering positions) has been told the decision of his interviews right there at the interview in all the three interviews he has attended so far, he was offered a position in all three and has decided to take one of them.

With my friend's case in mind, If they  do not make an offer and say that they will get back on a certain day in the future, are the not interested? Do they do this to avoid telling someone face to face that they are not being considered anymore? I am so frustrated. I manage to get a foot in the door in two good companies for BA positions, but now feel really disheartened and am wondering if there is something that I am doing wrong. The interviews went great, there was definite rapport, I answered all their questions, asked some intelligent ones of my own. I am at my wits end.

Please could some one comment on this situation?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Hearing back after an Interview 


Yes decision makers often take time.   Maybe they like you but need approval from someone else to make a decision, but don't want to tell you that because it makes them appear less powerful.  

Or maybe they are not really interested in you, but just don't want to tell you that to your face.  Telling people bad news to their face is hard to do, and people often go to great lengths to avoid doing such.   And if they are not interested in you it could be either because you are underqualified OR overqualified.   

Being a BA means dealing with people alot.   And when one deals with people in business alot, one has to expect unfair treatment at times.    I have learned that, often, if I want fair, I need to go to the county seat.  That is where, once a year, the fair is held. 

I have found such an attitude especially helpful in the interviewing process.



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