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New Post 8/2/2008 2:48 PM
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How to define years of experience? 

I guess, it is an interesting question.

In job description we can see: e.g. 3-5 years of BA experience.

How do they know 3 years will be enough and 2,5 not?

Or at some places 5-10 years. It is a big difference.

Or how do they know candidate with less years of experience will perform worse than candidate with more years of experience?

Maybe better concentrate on ability to realise certain tasks instead?


New Post 8/4/2008 3:06 AM
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Re: How to define years of experience? 

It's simply a ballpark estimate so that a recruiter can get a feel for whether a candidate would be suitable.  It's not an absolute measure, nor 100% accurate predictor of capability.  Would you recuit somebody with "10 years of BA experience" if all they've done is Use Cases for example ? That's the idea of the interview - it allows greater detail of experience to be elicited and validated.

Sometimes the 'x' years experience requirement is simply a best guess filter (bit like specifying that someone should have a 2.1 degree, instead of just a degree).

As with all recruitment, a person's qualifications and experience are a guide only as to their suitability.  It's only after a period in the role that you'll know whether they're really the right person (and it's a bitl late then!).

New Post 8/4/2008 7:23 AM
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Re: How to define years of experience? 


One person can acheive more in one year that the others can in ten.    Unfortunately, rather than trying to ID the exceptional people, recuiters and - especially - HR judge based upon some gut feel as to how the masses perform.    You are correct:  Focus on skills in tasks, you ability to solve problems.   Use attempts to steer the conversation to years of experience as a technique to screen out inferior recruiters and companies.


New Post 8/4/2008 10:29 PM
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Re: How to define years of experience? 
Modified By Pajerist  on 8/4/2008 11:30:19 PM)

Thank you for reply!

Another thing in job description is experience related to industry.

e.g. three years in health care etc.

and I can tell you they decline BA without health care experience. It is ridiculous!

The same as smbd is looking for driver for Chevy and decline candidate based on info that drive used Corolla and Civic only...

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