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New Post 1/21/2011 7:39 AM
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Need Guidance 



My name is Kavi and I’m from Cardiff. I've done BA course and also secured the "foundation Certificate in Business Analysis" by ISEB, however am not able to break into the BA role as everyone in the industry wants some experience. Well I did work with company like Dell as an Account Manager and has knowledge about the Network Infrastructure, Hardware portfolio and know how IT plays a role in businesses.

I have over 5 years experience in dealing with clients and customers over the phone and face to face.

My problem is wherever I apply it’s been rejected cause I don’t have experience.

I need some guidance in order to start a career in Business Analysis.



New Post 1/21/2011 8:02 AM
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Re: Need Guidance 

Hi Kavi,

It that Cardiff, CA near San Diego?

Your problem is a common one.  It is very difficult to break into a BA role with no BA experience.  That's not to say its impossible.  You can increase your chances by reading every BA related book you can get your hands on.  Understand the concepts and techniques outlined in the BABOK.  Read up on different BA methodologies and SDLCs.  There is a LOT of information that a BA should be faimilar with.

However, the easiest way to get into this career is typically by slowly working your way towards one within a company that you already work for. Ideally this would be a company that does internal software development (BAs do process re-engeering and finanical analysis too, but these are harder to get into with no experience).  Since you have experience as an account manager working with clients thats a plus. Next you would talk to your management and try to get into a role where you are assisted the developers and analysts in your company gather the needs of the client for the software that they are developing.  Many company's have a role like this.  They assume people in your position understand and can related to the clients needs better that a Systems Analyst.  After spending time in that role you will see much of the work of a Business/Systems Analyst first had as you work with them on projects.  You can also offer to help the Business/Systems Analyst complete some of their deliverables (they would utlimately be accountable for the end deliverable but you would be hands on lending them some of your time).  They would be greatful and you would get hands on experience. 

The next natural step is to tell your management you want to start working in that role. 

This example stresses a few things. 

  1. There is no pre-defined path the business analysis
  2. You need to be creative about how you gain skills and position yourself for a role that you really want
  3. You need to be willing to put in the effort.  Many people see the BA role as a fun and exciting job, but few are willing to work hard to get it.  Most have been in the right place and the right time and stumble into it.  Many of them see the BA career as fast growing and paying well so that's what they want to do.  These are never the strong BAs!  They take much of the work and pay for granted.

Chris Adams
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