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Student looking for opinions on postgrad options 

I have applied for a few M.S. Business Analytics programs. My top choices are Southern Methodist University (to which I've already been accepted), Imperial College London, and University College London. Aside from reviewing the programs (all excellent), I'm also considering what it would mean going to a U.K. school over a U.S. school. Though it is consistently ranked in the top 10 schools globally and has renowned STEM programs, many people here in the United States have never heard of Imperial College. It's basically the MIT of England and attending would be similar to attending a U.S. Ivy, but it has practically no brand recognition here. So, how important is brand over quality? Do you think going with one of my London options would hurt my prospects should I end up coming back to work in the U.S.? 

I know in the end the decision boils down to what I want with my education, but I'd greatly appreciate the opinions.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Ask a Recruiter...  Student looking for opinions on postgrad options

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