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Help Needed to make FSD 

 Hello All,

I need suggestions to make write a functional specification document, describing the changes that must be applied to an existing system, in order to enable the operation of a new feature.

Change: a new coffee making device launched to be connected to checkout.

Existing System Overview (High Level):

The existing "coffeesys” system consists of two sub-systems:

Back-Office application, (in a Windows environment), which is a management system. 

In the Back-Office application various configurations (parameters) may be maintained. The configurations may define the behavior of a specific checkout, all the checkouts or the behavior of the Back-Office application

The Back-Office Application also maintains data for reporting purposes.

A point-of-sale application, which enables performing sales activities.

The existing sale process on the point-of-sale consists of the following stages:

                                                               i.      Starting a sale

                                                             ii.      Adding items, from an existing items database

                                                            iii.      Pressing ‘Total’ key for Totaling

                                                           iv.      Selecting a payment method, from an existing payment-methods database

                                                             v.      Tendering using the selected payment method

                                                           vi.      Calculating change (if paid by Cash)

                                                          vii.      Ending a sale

 Business Description of the Environment:

Our business is a grocery chain- 10 supermarket stores with 10 – 15 checkout lanes each. 'coffeesys'systems are installed in all stores and its POS sub-system can be found on all checkout terminals.

In a recent management meeting we have decided to extend our service to the customers (and of course try to gain profit from it) and introduce an automatic coffee maker service located at the checkout. The idea is for customers with well loaded trolleys to enjoy drinking a cup of coffee (or any other choice they will select) while the cashier is busy with scanning their products.

As a pilot phase we are going to supply one machine to a selected store and the machine is going to be located next to a specific terminal. We are going to place a big sign above this checkout to let all our customers know that at that spot they can receive the new service.

Notice that it is forbidden from business perspective to connect one coffee maker to more than one checkout terminal.

The next pages contain the relevant change request document as written by your representative (project manager) and approved by us. 


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Help Needed to make FSD

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