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New Post 11/11/2018 4:26 PM
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Level of Effort (LOE) 

I recently accepted an opportunity with a healthcare company and the first task was to provide an LOE. I understand the LOE concept however, how do I produce such a document when I have no experience working on a project that involves automating loading campaigns into a predictive dialer. How do I approach this?



New Post 7/18/2019 1:42 AM
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Re: Level of Effort (LOE) 


Level of Effort, as you probably now know, is basically where an organisation, department or even a team basically say "If we do this, how much effort (Time + Money) will it take to do it?". Sometimes you may also be asked to add in another part which is "what will the cost of effort v money made from doing this be?"

Some of you will notice that the same question is asked in the LOE as it is in a Business Case and this is true. Theoretically, the first (LOE) is the first tentative step that a company will undertake before moving on to a Business Case. The reality though, is that organisations do one or the other when it comes to LOEs and Business Cases. 

So, moving on, you ask how can you produce a document to answer the fundamental LOE question for a process that you don't know? Well, in short this is where you BA skills are tested, because what you are expected to be at the end of this piece of work is an expert in this process. If you do it properly, then actually you will become the expert, so enjoy it and start the process of finding out how to make that judgement call. 

What are the steps to carry out a LOE then? First of all, speak to the Project Sponsor or stakeholders in areas that you feel might know. For example, do you have a marketing team? Carry this out as if you were gathering requirements. In affect you are, but just looking at them in a different manner. Ask those you speak to if they have any experience in this area or if they know anyone who has - either in the company or exterior to it. 

Gradually, you will build up a picture of what the process is - in full (important to know so that you can gauge the level of effort), and what needs to happen to put those  steps into place. Remember, that everything that is required is important. Think about these for your particular LOE:

1. Do we have the necessary Dialler system in place? If not, what's the process of getting it?How much will it cost, how quickly could you get it?

2. Do we have the data needed to enter it into the Dialler? Again, if not, what's the process of getting it?

3. Do we require extra resource (FTEs - i.e. people) to carry out this task?

4. Who will be responsible for its upkeep and do they require extra resource?

5. What about the leads that it generates, does your organisation have the necessary resource to handle those extra new business calls? (I once worked for a very well known UK Insurance company who did much the same sort of marketing activity. That activity ended up being very successful, in that it doubled business overnight. The sad thing was, Operationally, they weren't equipped to handle the massive uptake and it nearly bought the company to its knees). 

These and others a re a starter to the sort of questions that you would need to know and be able to answer. Bare in mind that answering "Oh yeah, we need 3 extra people and $50k a year" isn't necessarily for you to answer. Find out who it is who has asked for this document and double check if he or she wants you to answer that. Normally you provide all the facts and costs, and Management will make the call, but I have had to do that before as well. 

I am guessing that you have since done this task, but if anyone else has a similar job to do, and needs some help, ask any questions you have and I'm sure I can help one way or the other.

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