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New Post 2/27/2015 5:31 PM
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Reporting Requirements 

I am currently working on a contract where the customer has created the following requirements structure

  • Compound System Requirement (this is truly a Business Requirement),
  • System Requirement (this one level lower than the BR), and 
  • Derived Requirement (this is truly the functional requirement)

The requirements are documented in IBM's requirements management tool called RRC.  I have been documenting all the all the requirements for the application under the System and Derived requirements and performing tracing up to the Compound System Requirement.  We are now starting to work on reports and I had mentioned that reporting requirements need to separated out and documented as Reporting Requirements so that they are easily distinguished from the application requirements in RRC.  

i would like to get the thoughts of others and how others handle reporting requirements.


New Post 3/3/2015 1:00 AM
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Re: Reporting Requirements 

Hi Tiff,

Hmmm. Weird approach. I blame the BABoK and its insistence on putting requirements in predefined buckets.

Hope your Compound System requirements are real solution independent business requirements? In your brief description it looks like they assume a system solution. Perhaps I'm being unfair?

Personally I don't think it makes much difference where you put them. Maybe the functional requirement bucket or the Compound system bucket. You could even argue its in the system bucket as a solution to the compound bucket. Kind of proves this nonsense about classifying requirements.



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