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New Post 11/23/2013 8:01 AM
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Stakeholder management 

Hi all

As a BA I have been through a lot of challenges but this one is the biggest so far so I have decided to come to the experts for some help, please.

About a month ago I have been handed over a project to develop a solution to promote prospective customers using email marketing. I started working on the functional specifications and I was very glad that both key stakeholders were very engaged and very pleased to come with ideas. However, my problem started when they decided they wanted to go different was with the solution and neither of them will bulge. 

I had a meeting with both to make sure they were really wanting two different solutions and understand each solution in detail. I then checked whether both solutions were in line with the business objectives, and they were. There is no budget to develop both solutions and I can't get either of them to give in and accept the other solution.

Any ideas on how to solve this situation?




New Post 11/25/2013 11:01 AM
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Re: Stakeholder management 

    Many times, stakeholders have conflicting interests. It's the project manager's or Business Analyst with consultation of Project Manager's responsibility to understand these conflicts and try to resolve them. It's also the project manager's responsibility to manage stakeholder expectations. Be certain to identify and meet with all key stakeholders early in the project to understand their needs and constraints. And when in doubt, you should always resolve stakeholder conflicts in favor of the customer.

New Post 12/2/2013 8:16 AM
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Re: Stakeholder management 


Agreed with you on PM point however responsibility lies with BA domain as well. In case of conflict, I tried to explain such type of situation to PM (IS) and then come up with common approch.  Also discuss both solutions with Delivery team and list down pros / cons for it.

After discussing with delivery , BA may come with third approach (based on approach 1 and 2). If third approach is not possible then list down pros / cons of approach and try to explain to stakehoders to get buy-in.


New Post 12/9/2013 5:27 AM
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Re: Stakeholder management 

Hi Pat,

It sounds like great negotiation skills are in order!

I'm not sure how these 2 stakeholders are related, but if you have clearly documented the two options and perhaps a third or forth including pros/cons and cost and they still don't want to compromise then you need to find an influencer.  Is there somebody else who knows both of them and who is respected by both of them?  Is there a project sponsor?  Is there somebody who is actually approving the dollars? You should get those folks involved.  

There are times when people just need a jolt of reality from somebody with higher authority.  It's not the ideal route, but if the nobody is willing to negotiate it may be the only option.


Adrian Marchis
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