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DOORSNextGeneration User's Manual Online? 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 2/28/2018 9:34:49 AM)


At my last employer, I acquired 10-Yrs of Work-Related Experiences using DOORS("old-time" DOORS).   Now, I'm at a new job with a new employer, hired due to my DOORS experiences.  

My new employer has plans to purchase "DOORSNextGen".   As most corporations, a big purchase like DOORSNextGen takes alot of time.   As a result, I am on a learning curve...sponging up as much as I can on DOORSNextGen. 

I am on a new learning curve(sorta).   I've found "tons" of YouTube videos for my Self-Education.  That's goodness. But,  I have a "need" trying to find any DOORSNextGen "Users Manual" out on the Internet{PDF or MS-Word}.  A manual that serve as a "Quick-Reference" Users Manual, that contains "Step-by-Step" on DOORSNextGen  Features such as Importing MS-Word files, Exporting DOORS modules out to MS-Word files, Linking objects across Modules, etc. etc. etc.   Along with "Step-by-Step" instructions on using DOORSNexGen new features. 

The Idea: Provide the current set of over-worked Engineers(of various disciplines) a hyperlink to a handy-dandy "user's manual" for quick reference.     


Carlos Gonsalez 

Systems Engineer- Test and Integration

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  DOORSNextGeneration User's Manual Online?

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