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New Post 1/20/2015 4:39 PM
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Post Interview Assignment - BRD 
Hi Guys, Hope you guys are well. I have just finished my Bachelor Degree in IT last year. I went to a job interview this afternoon and I would like to think it went well. Interviewer gave me an assignment which due later on this week. I am hoping you guys can give me valuable input on the scenario below. As part of marketing promotional activity, a potential customer will be assigned a scratch card which when "scratched", the card will reveal a unique set of numbers. The customer can enter the numbers on a web page, get validated (confirming the valid code has been issued and never used previously), the user will have a $5 credit assigned to their account. The set of number/ codes need to be generated, stored and sent to the scratch card manufacturers. Please provide a short Business Requirements Document for the system outlined above. The business Requirements must include items below: -Scope -Process flow diagram -Assumptions -Decision points required to complete the requirements. What is the best approach for this kind of task? I appreciate any valuable input! thank you.
New Post 1/23/2015 12:00 AM
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Re: Post Interview Assignment - BRD 
Modified By NitWitNick  on 1/23/2015 3:03:20 AM)

"Interviewer gave me an assignment which due later on this week. "

Yea, I wonder why he gave you a week ... lots of stuff there ... and with that I also wonder if this is the normal procedure for this company's interview . Over the years I have seen some companies do intensive interviews to get ideas or answers on something they want to do or are trying to figure out how to do something cheaply ... and Never Hire anyone ... the people being interviewed are providing Free Consultation.

I have also never seen a company give someone a week to do some assignment either ... usually they question you and some make you take a test like "Prove-It" or "Brain Bench", etc. ... which I always decline ... and I don't take any goofy in-house tests either that some companies develop themselves ... I already have Real Certifications to present for a job.

The most I have seen is a major company here that wanted a write-up on: "How Do You Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich?" ... something you know that company Was Not working on and you mailed it in with your Resume ... and if it looked good, then they invited you in for an interview.

Check out the company on someplace like "Glassdoor" and see if they are there and what others have said about working for them and their interview process ... Legit or Scam.


The flow depends on how detailed you want to get and land a job.

I'd probably start with the cost of doing this marketing promotion ... Vendor selection, how many cards to make, how many winners could there be (suppose they made 10,000 cards and everyone won $5 ?) ... was this an error or planned? would the promotion be worth it? There is your First Decision Point ... Continue or Forget it.

*** Remember to get the lawyers involved (legal department) for all the disclaimers on the scratch off cards ***

What advertising is needed to let this promotion to be known (paper, TV, Radio, etc). What will make people come ($5 won't make me go ... but Free Food might).

How are the winning numbers generated (software, pick from a hat, let the vendor generate numbers and give to you for validation).

Webpage development to validate a number and see if they won.

Do they have to come in to claim $5 or Is the person winning a current or new customer? Will a new customer actually proceed any further to get $5 (application for new account)?

If they are a current customer, update their account with $5 (database update - new modifications from the webpage validation).

If new customer (create account and add $5).

How can that $5 be used (can it be withdrawn as cash or only used as a credit to purchase store products).

You get the idea ... The process flows can go on for quite a bit ... I'm glad You are the one having fun.

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