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New Post 10/11/2007 7:06 AM
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Organizing your Documents when all you have is a Network Drive (Part II) 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 10/11/2007 4:33:51 PM)

This is a continueation of the thread that speaks to naming your document. that you have them all named and looking nice, how do you keep them organized?

Here is a network folder framework that I designed. It loosely follows the RUP and PMI methodologies. It can easily be scaled to suit your SDLC.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. If anyone wants the actual folder structure, I have created an empty template. 

Business Modeling
            Business Analysis Model
                        Business Architecture Document
                        Business Objects
                        Business Processes
                        Business Roles and Responsibilities
                        Business Vision Document
            Business Glossary
            Business Rules Catalogue
            Business Use Case Model
                        Business Use Cases
            Proof-of-Concept (Optional)
            Supplementary Business Specifications
            Stakeholder Definitions
            Business Requirements Document (BRD)
            Requirement Attributes
            Requirement Management Plan
            Supplementary Specifications
            System Requirements Specifications (SRS)      
            System Vision
            Use Case Model
                        Actor Definitions
                        Actor/Stakeholder Associations
                        Use Case Diagrams
                        Use Case Packages
                        Use Case Specifications
            User-Interface Prototype (Optional)
Analysis and Design
            Activity Diagrams
            Class Model
            Design Model
            Prototype the User-Interface
            State Diagrams
            Implementation Model
            Implementation Plan
            Integration Model
            Integration Plan
            Acceptance Tests
            Beta Tests
            Boundary Value Tests
            Compatibility Tests
            Configuration Tests
            Performance Tests
            Recovery Tests
            Regression Tests
            Reliability Tests
            Security Tests
            Storage Tests
            Stress Tests
            System Tests
            Test Plan
            Test Scenarios
            Unit Tests
            Use Case Tests
            Useability Tests
            Volume Tests
            Bill of Materials
            Deployment Plan
            Installation Plan
            Quick Reference Guides
            Related Branding
            Release Notes
            Supporting Materials
            Training Documents
            Training Plan
Change/Configuration Management
            Change Management Plan
            Change Request Documents
            Change Request Process
            Change Verification Documents
            Configuration Audits
            Configuration Management Plan
            Configuration Management Policy
            Issues Log
            Parking Lot
Project Management
            Communications Management
                        Communications Plan
                        Meeting Minutes
                        Project Approval Reviews
                        Project Planning Reviews
                        Project Status Reports
            Cost Management
                        Budget Plans
                        Cost Estimates
            Human Resource Management
                        Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
                        Staff Performance Reports
                        Team Development Plans
            Procurement Management
                        Procurement Plan
            Quality Management
                        Compliance Reviews
                        Iteration Evaluation Criteria
                        Measurement Plan
                        Problem Resolution Plan
                        Quality Analysis
                        Quality Assurance Plan
                        Structure Walkthroughs
            Risk Management
                        Risk Analysis
                        Risk Management Plan
                        Risk Monitoring and Control
            Scope Management
                        Business Case
                        Iteration Plans
                        Iterations Assessments
                        Product Acceptance Plan
                        Project Initiation Plan
                        Software Development Plan
            Time Management
                        Activity Duration and Resource Estimates
                        MS Project Plan
Environment Management
            Artifact Style Guides
            Artifact Templates
            Artifacts to be Delivered
            Document Management Plan
            General Administrative Documents
            Manual Style Guide
            Project Folder Structure
            Project Guidelines
            Project Tools
            Software Development Process/Development Case
            Source Control Plan
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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  Organizing your Documents when all you have is a Network Drive (Part II)

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