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New Post 10/12/2022 7:39 AM
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What's the correct term for 'dependent selections'?  

Apologies, that's a poor description. But what's the correct term for specifying that when a user has selected the correct option at one level, the sub level options that are displayed are only those that are relevant for what has been selected. 
So, if there are two selections to be made: Food type and food item (say), and the structure is like this: 

  • Food type
    • Food item
  • Meat
    • Beef
    • Lamb
  • Fish
    • Cod
    • Plaice
  • Vegetables
    • Potatoes
    • Cabbage

And the user should be able to select the food type and then only be shown the food item relevant for that selection...... what is the term / description for that, please? 

New Post 10/28/2022 6:42 AM
User is offline Stewart F
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Re: What's the correct term for 'dependent selections'?  

Hi JK, there are a few phrases you can use. The overall description is called condition answers - i.e. it is dependent on the answer above. 

If yo are writing it as a description to how a system will work (something like a functional Specification) then I would describe it in plan english, much as you have done above. If you want to make it a little clearer maybe something like:

"Options at each level will be depentent on the selection made at the level above the current one. When a different selection is made, the available options/selections will alter to match that intital selection"

New Post 11/14/2022 6:15 PM
User is offline Adrian M.
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Re: What's the correct term for 'dependent selections'?  

A common term I've seen used is "drill down".

aka drill-down menu, drill-down selection, drill-down report, drill-down filter.


Adrian Marchis
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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  What's the correct term for 'dependent selections'?

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