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New Post 9/14/2017 2:35 PM
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Need a use case on loan origination system 


I am looking for requirement/use case specific to loan origination system. If anybody has written so far, would you mind sharing with me? If you have written BRD/FRD with the real-time scenario, sharing that would help me tremendously.

My apologies, if it's too much to ask. I am checking just in case scenario.




New Post 9/15/2017 11:04 AM
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Re: Need a use case on loan origination system 
Maybe an old ModernAnalyst post can help ...
New Post 10/10/2017 8:55 AM
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Re: Need a use case on loan origination system 

Hello, I have about 10 years of experience working with loan origination systems, but that was at a previous employer and I didnt keep my documentation. 

I will try to summarize

Users can apply for several different types of loans.  Collateralized or Signature.

If its a vehicle loan it can be a 

New-Preapproval, they dont have the VIN but have a price range in mind

New Done Deal, they have a signed buyers order VIN etc, this is used for loan valuation

Late Model Used, considered same as New Vehicle

Used either dealer or person to person

Once all the info has been entered in the system, borrower info, collateral info the system will auto-decision the application.  They can be returned in one of five different status.  Approved, Declined, Pended for Review, Counter offer up (when they qualify for more), Counter offer down (when they dont qualify for the amount requested, but can qualify for a lesser amount)

Once loan is decisioned, rate is calculated, you want try to sell them P3 or GAP. System will calculate if they can qualify for GAP based on LTV, and always offer the payment protection plan.

Once they have entered all that, let them decide how to receive the funds.


I have to run to a meeting, but post back here if you have any questions.

New Post 6/6/2018 7:55 AM
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Re: Need a use case on loan origination system 



if you still need information or case studies for loan origination, check out this website:

they are a software provider, and have also a few case studies.


hope that helps, Natalie

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