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New Post 8/31/2012 10:36 AM
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Hello from Toronto! 

 Hey Everyone,

My name is Corey and I've been a Business analyst for about 1.5 years. I work for a Financial Custody firm and worked my way out from Operations. I was a SME on a few projects and got noticed by a resource manager, and here I am. 

I have no formal education, started working full time at 18. Im 25 now, so having 7 years of work experience (6 of which are relevant) at my age are quite beneficial. At this point in my career, I see no need to return for a formal degree. I am currently getting accredation through McMaster University in Business Analysis.

I joined this site to help contribute to other BA's. And hey, who am I kidding? Its always great to have a group of pros to have available. 

In terms of career goals, I love Business Analysis, but im not the biggest fan of the industry. My dream would be to be a BA/PM at a video game company. I will definately need more experience before branching outside of my company though.

Question for the folks here. Any relevance in joining the IIBA and going for the CPAB? Does it hold actual credibility in the industry?  

New Post 9/4/2012 6:07 AM
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Re: Hello from Toronto! 

Hi Corey,

Welcome to the community!

Yes - while the CBAP doesn't guarantee anything, it does show prospective employers that you are serious about your Business Analyst career.  Also - going through the study process for the exam is a good way to check knowledge gaps.

And yes - the CBAP is getting a lot more recognition these days.



Adrian Marchis
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