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New Post 12/15/2007 3:10 PM
User is offline Rob
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Finding business and techincal specifications 


as a business analyst, my one frustration is that finding  business and technical specifications that other business analysts have created for projects I'm currently working on was nearly impossible.

I'd have to contact friends, colleagues, associates as well as spend days searching the Internet to see if they knew of any business analysts/developers who've worked on a similar project or system development.

I decided to do something about it...and created Online

Its a site intended to allow analysts, developers, project managers, engineers, designers, scientists etc...anyone involved in creating or designing something to list their specifications/documents either for free or make some money out of it.

My goal is that I'll have a thriving community of us business analysts, developers, project managers using it on a regular basis...which can only help with sharing ideas, developing greater technical knowledge and getting projects done more quickly.

Hope you like the site!


New Post 12/15/2007 4:53 PM
User is offline David Wright
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Re: Finding business and techincal specifications 

I am thinking that much of what Business Analysts create for their employers would be considered that employer's intellectual property (or whatever legal term is appropriate), so it could not be offered up for exchange in this kind of forum. Any concerns about that?

David Wright
New Post 12/15/2007 11:36 PM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Re: Finding business and techincal specifications 
I agree. 
While I think a shared requirements repository is a great idea I don’t see it working outside a corporate’s own IP domain as they don’t want proprietary info shared, even if in reality it might leak from company to company as people change employers. 
The open source people might be interested, and of course you could try pitching this to corporate prospects directly. 
This could be pitched as building on lessons leaned databases and risk management databases that are sold into sophisticated project management environments.
New Post 1/2/2008 11:28 AM
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Re: Finding business and techincal specifications 

Hi Rob,

I agree with the others that the requirements are property of the company you are writing them for and so is the software solution that is developed. This explains it why you didn't find any of these documents on the web.

My personal experience shows that even if you have worked on a similar project before the environment and circumstancesare different every time and you could not re-use the whole spec. The most you could re-apply is the document template and ask the same questions while eliciting requirements in the begining. As you delve in the details of the new project the differences become bigger.

Starting every project clean just with a list of questions, your experience and lessons learned from previos projects, will lead to better results.



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