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New Post 1/20/2011 4:32 AM
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ERD VS Process Analyst 


What is the relation between ERD and Process Analyst..? please explain it to me..? I'm getting confused lately... 

New Post 1/20/2011 2:40 PM
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Re: ERD VS Process Analyst 


ERD = NOUNS (static things)
PROCESS = VERBS (actions)
So when the client says: JOHN kicks the BALL.
ERD = JOHN <-----> BALL (Static things and their relationship)
PROCESS = Kicks (Verb/activity)
When you look closely at the UML you'll find that its split along Nouns (classes, objects etc) and Verb (usecases, activity etc) diagrams.
When I do interviews I usually engage a Data (Noun) analyst, who listens for things whilst I listen for process! That is, I work with a Data Analyst who'll eventually model entities and their relationships; and I work as a process analyst and maps the actions (Processes, Activitities and Actions)
Hope this helps!
warm regards,
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