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New Post 2/3/2014 8:33 AM
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Re: Business Analyst 

 carmelfarrugia wrote

Dear All,

Should we as a company employ a full-time business analyst (BA) or hire an external one?

This has been argued vehemently as the topics for hiring a full time analyst were such like: cheaper than external BA; internal BA might have knowledge of how the company functions/activities works etc, hence develop Functional specifications quicker.  The topics against having a full-time BA were like the BA might lack/not employ the best design interface or even lack innovative design skills for system design etc.,

The external BA might bring vast experience.

I really want to see you views.  It seems that my colleagues tried to argue that the functional specification should be written by the external software house who "must have the experience and best knowledge".




It really is something only you can decide. I say go with a full time person.

New Post 4/24/2017 12:46 AM
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Re: Business Analyst 

Hi Guys,

                 Well come to forum site.We personally feel that if the BA is full time. We then the Functional Specification could be submitted to various software firms to the get a price estimate.  If we however, we hire an external BA, We then the ideas might still be 'blinkered' with the methodology, language etc that is software firm might use.


New Post 1/5/2018 1:36 AM
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Re: Business Analyst 

This is really an interesting question. I have worked for various SAAS startups and have witnessed two approaches. 

1. Approach 1:

Promote internal resource to next level. It establishes a good will among employees that they have the growth and future inside the organization.

2. Approach 2:

Another approach is to hire a external BA. Its advantage is a new person with his own framework of experience brings new practices and adds value in the organization whereas its disadvantage is that it demotivates current employees. 

My Opinion:

In mid level or small organizations where there are people who have lesser companies experience should not be promoted infact new BAs should be hired, 

New Post 5/13/2024 10:47 PM
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Re: Business Analyst 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 5/14/2024 2:56:39 PM)

Hello Carmel,

Deciding between hiring a full-time business analyst (BA) or engaging an external one depends on various factors like project duration, budget, and expertise required. Hiring a full-time BA ensures continuous support and alignment with company goals, while an external one offers flexibility and specialized skills for specific projects.

New Post 6/10/2024 4:20 AM
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Re: Business Analyst 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 6/10/2024 8:37:45 AM)

Thank you for initiating this important discussion on whether our company should employ a full-time BA or hire an external one. Here are some points to consider for both options:

Employing a Full-Time BA


  1. Cost Efficiency: Over the long term, a full-time BA can be more cost-effective than repeatedly hiring external consultants.
  2. In-Depth Knowledge: An internal BA will develop a deep understanding of our company’s processes, culture, and systems, leading to more tailored and efficient functional specifications.
  3. Availability: Having a dedicated BA on staff ensures that there is always someone available to address immediate issues and ongoing project needs.


  1. Potential Skill Gaps: An internal BA might not always possess the latest industry knowledge or innovative design skills if they don’t continuously engage in professional development.
  2. Limited Perspective: Without exposure to various industries and projects, an internal BA might lack the diverse experiences that an external consultant brings.

Hiring an External BA


  1. Expertise: External BAs often have a wide range of experiences across different companies and industries, bringing fresh ideas and best practices.
  2. Objectivity: An external BA can provide an unbiased perspective, which might be crucial for identifying issues and proposing innovative solutions.
  3. Flexibility: You can hire an external BA on a project-by-project basis, which provides flexibility and can be advantageous for short-term projects or specific needs.


  1. Cost: External BAs can be more expensive in the short term, especially for prolonged engagements.
  2. Learning Curve: An external BA may require time to understand our company’s unique processes and systems, potentially delaying project timelines.
  3. Availability: External BAs may not be available for immediate needs or ongoing support once their contract ends.

Additional Considerations

  • Hybrid Approach: We might also consider a hybrid approach, where we have an internal BA for ongoing projects and daily operations, and hire external BAs for specialized projects or when a fresh perspective is needed.
  • Professional Development: If we opt for an internal BA, investing in continuous training and professional development can help bridge any skill gaps and keep them up-to-date with industry trends.

In conclusion, the decision should be based on our specific needs, budget, and long-term strategy. A thorough analysis of the current workload, future projects, and the potential return on investment for each option will guide us to the best decision.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s views and reaching a consensus that benefits our company.

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