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New Post 3/12/2023 9:56 AM
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How many users are usually part of UAT? 


What advice do others have about how many people should be involved in UAT testing if there are hundreds of users?  I typically have worked on smaller projects where only a core group of users were involved in UAT but they represented the 80% of the use case and were part of the requirements process/project team from the start.  

I prefer this representative approach because it's easier to manage - with too many testers you get duplicate issues and a wide range of feedback from some who don't know how the tool works to something that contradicts the core teams requirement, etc. 

Would just love some thoughts on properly sizing how many users are actually in the UAT.


New Post 3/26/2023 12:09 AM
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Re: How many users are usually part of UAT? 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 3/26/2023 8:43:37 PM)

Hi Kazzy,

User acceptability testing (UAT) may entail a different number of users based on the project's size and complexity as well as the organization's policies and processes.

UAT frequently involves a small number of end users who are stakeholders in or representatives of the system's intended audience. When it comes to larger, more complex systems, the number of users might range from a few for small efforts to dozens or even hundreds.

There should be a sufficient number of participants to guarantee that the system satisfies the needs and expectations of its intended users, which is the primary goal of UAT.

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