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Top 10 crazy question to ask a BA in an Interview

Believe it or not I have been asked the question below in an interview for a SR BA position

BA Job Interview Questions in the real world

  1. What program languages do you know?
  2. Have you ever configured an SQL Server?
  3. How fast can you get requirements?
  4. We need the BA to review code and then document it can you do that?
  5. If we needed you to fill in for a developer could you do that?
  6. We are a .net shop I do not see any where on your resume that you have ever worked in .net?
  7. When you design a system how do you communicate that design to the Developers?
  8. Can you get us requirements for our new customer service system in say one week?
  9. When a developer shows up late for work how do you handle the situation?
  10. We are currently in a middle of a project that is 1 year behind schedule and I was told hiring a BA will get us back on target can you do that?  

I blame HR Departments and Project managers for these kinds of Questions  


Bonus Question!

I noticed you are not very technical since you deal with requirements all the time how long has it been since you coded?

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nia posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 9:40 AM
I am currently interviewing for a new sr business analyst job and find the market to be very competitive than it used to be.
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