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Craig Brown

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A new survey highlights the importance of proper requirements management

“More than half "did not have professional, trained staff dedicated to the function of getting requirements, and the vast majority view the process of getting requirements to be inefficient," the report states.

Read the original article here.

Key points I got from the article;

Companies still aren’t paying attention to requirements management.
Come on people, if you don’t stop and think about what you want to get out of this project, of course you are going to go over budget and beyond the schedule.
Non-IT people managing requirements doesn’t work, but neither does having IT people management requirements.
In both cases the wrong people are managing the requirements. The article goes on to say that a business-IT joint effort gives better results, but still not good enough. What is really needed is trained and experienced business analysts, who’s profession is managing requirements.
The rate of project failure is still huge. 
The article gave a definition of failure that included very late, way over budget and with a significant portion of the requirements missing. I really did think we were doing better as an industry these days.
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