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Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo)
Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo)

Exploring discover to deliver!

Dear Fellow BAs, 

Discover to Deliver was released by Ellen and Mary a few weeks ago. I got an opportunity to interview them and ask about what insipred them to write this book, and also discussed in-depth the various facets of the book.

If you are into agile product planning and analysis, I highly encourage you get a copy of this and also listen to the podcast.

Here is the Sneak Peek of the Episode

  • Their experience with helping numerous organizations with introduction of agile or transition to agile.
  • Discussion around the pendulum of the industry.
  • The reason why teams leave out details in the user stories. The reason why they are skipping a few dimensions from the seven dimensions.
  • The importance of using visual tools to help improve the conversations.
  • The framework of understanding the highest value options. Discussion around value and options. Product partnership the trilogy – business, technology and customer partners.
  • Why they like using product champion vs product owner. Explore / Evaluate and Confirm..
  • The pain points this book is solving Why they believe that this book serves the entire team.
  • The biggest problems facing agile teams and how this book addresses them.
  • Use of color and symbols in the book.
  • The rationale behind the title “Discover to Deliver” The swinging through in the infinity symbol.
  • The bigger view of the product.
  • Why product is more important that project. Product Vs Project. How value changes with time in an initiative. Discussion around organization of the book.
  • High level walkthrough of the book. Walkthrough of the 6 sections.
  • The seven product dimensions. The color semantics for the dimensions. Product manager and Project manager – the integrated language.
  • Example of how they used the colors / dimensions for creating user stories. The meta-process to iterate through the seven product dimensions. The preview, the now view and the big view. Why this book is for the team.
  • How this book relates to the agile extension of the BABOK.
  • How different readers can read this book (product manager, product champion, analyst).
  • One big message for the readers from Mary and Ellen. The team gaining, obtaining and sustaining a shared understanding.
 Download the mp3 file and listen to episode here -> Discover to Deliver 

 Hope you find this episode of AuthorCast useful. 


Blogger and Podcast Host,

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