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How Far Do You Take Your Business Process Models?

Business Process Modeling (BPM) is one of the cornerstone techniques in electing requirements from our stakeholders. Business Analyst will use the model to gain an understanding of the current system and paint a picture of the solution. In the IT field, we often describe this as modeling the “As-IS” process and modeling the “To-Be” process. We developed these models; but what is the real purpose of the model? Are we taking our models far enough so that we can have a positive impact on our organization?

I suggest that before you start building a BPM, start with the purpose in mind. What are you trying to do with the model? We need to keep in mind the purpose of the model as we engage in the modeling process. Consider the following purpose for your model:

  • Understand problem
  • Find a solution
  • Evaluate solutions
  • Answer a question
  • Solve a problem

Models can help you accomplish any of the five outcomes listed above. If our model addresses these outcomes and provides us with valuable information to satisfy our purpose, have we done enough?

One benefit of creating our model is that we can further extend the model to do “What If” analyses.
These analyses can allow us to experiment with and evaluate different solution alternatives. Some modeling tools, such as ProVision ® allows a model to be converted into a simulation tool. The simulation tools can be your experimental testing environment to evaluate alternatives so that you can determine the best alternative or in some cases the optimal alternative.

Some past projects where I used BPM for simulation are:

1. Modeling Dental Office – Health System Research

2. Modeling Emergency Room – Health Systems Research

3. Modeling Tool Change Process – Automotive Manufacturing

4. Modeling 24/7 Call Center – Non-Profit

The opportunity to do more with your BPM is on your laptop, what are you waiting for?

By George Bridges (

Director of Business Analysis at International Institute for Learning, Inc.

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