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Dr. Mohamed El-Attar
Dr. Mohamed El-Attar

Robustness Diagrams and Robustness Analysis

Dear All BA's,

I am conducting a simple informal survery about the utilization of robustness diagrams and robustness analysis by BA's. The questions will take less than one minute of your time to answer and your input will greatly my research work that I am conducting towards improving the current practices in BA.

Do you use robusntess diagrams and robustness analysis:

1. Never    2. Rarely   3. Often, almost in every project    4. What are robusntess diagrams?

How many years of experience do you have as a business analysts?


Do you have any IIBA certification? if so, which?


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Andrew vdW posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 2:03 AM

We would be happy to help, but you have not provided a way to send the results through, except by replying as a comment.

Nevertheless, my answers are:

4. What are robustness diagrams?

7 years BA experience

Not certified yet.

BTW. I'm assuming "robusntess" and "robustness" is the same thing... :-)
Dr. Mohamed El-Attar posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 3:11 AM
My apologies, you can email me at

Robustness analysis is an activity you perform of which its outcome is a robustness diagram.

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