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The Agile Application Assassin

You know, it’s the coolest nickname I’ve ever received - but it almost sounds negative. I mean am I going in and assassinating your application? No, I go in and make the changes you request and re-deploy your application. So why give me that nickname?

Pretty easy I guess, when I’m operating strictly as the implementer of a solution, I am able to focus on functionality and how I can improve it. Typically during meetings I write all the customer requested changes down and begin implementing them once we move past that section of the conversation.

Recently during a phone call with a client I was able to test drive the new functionality I built for them in the day prior. Once we went over it all and they gave me their feedback I went to work to make it happen. The online meeting switched to talk about other status reports for members outside of our organization.

By the time they were done I had made the necessary changes, re-deployed their model, and was able to have a second round of test driving during the same meeting. The customer was astonished to see these changes happen so quickly that they dubbed me the “Application Assassin”. “Seriously, how did you do that so fast? Did you already have a different version in mind?” No, I just have the Magic of Mendix. Drag, drop, double click, and deploy…….it’s magic! Maybe the nickname should be the “Application Magician”.

Sometimes I’m truly amazed by how quick it is to write and change full applications so fast. But I guess when it’s all visual and no coding it’s easy. Consider this story the next time your business needs have you in a strait jacket wrapped in chains. You may want to have a magician (we still prefer Business Engineer) on your side. That way when the realization is made that your approach should be different, you will be ready.

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