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BPMN Library of processes?

 In my time at programming I created or used any number of routines over and over again that did a specific job, from just a small function like adding a number of days to a date to writing out an error report or selecting data from an SQL database.

Now I'm a business analyst and there are many process modelling applications out there that follow a set standard (BPMN for example). I know there's more than one way to skin a cat, programming has taught me that, so what I'd like to know is why can't I find a library of process model routines that I can import into the BPMN application of choice and build up a simple library of my own to create processes faster?

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Tom Miller, CSPO posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 2:10 PM
What and stop wasting so much time re-writing things? Un-heard off!

Actually this may be a tool specific issue because there is probably not standard methodology that they all use unless it is something like "UML 2.x" or something I have missed being a newby at BPMN. It seems to me that the OMG has a certification in BPMN. So maybe their UML is the standard way to create the "process model routines"?

I would be very interested in other responses from here.

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