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COTS Information System Detailed Requirements Template

COTS Information System Detailed Requirements Template
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Posted by: Adrian M on Sunday, June 16, 2024

This spreadsheet-based template is intended to support documenting detailed requirements (DTRs) discussed in the article “What Requirements Are Needed When Implementing a COTS Information System?"

A business analyst is normally expected to document requirements by describing what is needed, avoiding how a solution might satisfy them. But a selected COTS product is an existing solution. A domain-specific information system solution includes user interface (UI), data import, export, report, or automated function capabilities. Additionally, a COTS product’s selection may have been influenced in part by its inclusion of domain-independent capabilities such as configurable workflows or business rules.

A complete set of DTRs identifies which “Out-of-the-Box” (OOTB) capabilities are to be implemented as is, which need changing, which aren’t needed, and which unsupported capabilities need to be added.

COTS Information System Detailed Requirements Template

The article "What Requirements Are Needed When Selecting a COTS Information System?” discusses capability-specific high-level requirements (HLRs). Those requirements are intended to be of the “What, not How” variety. 

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