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Requirements in Context – Tool Extension Meta-Model

Requirements in Context – Tool Extension Meta-Model
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Posted by: Adrian M on Saturday, March 6, 2021

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to present details of a meta-model that can and has been used to extend Requirements Management (RM) or Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. The rationale for applying these extensions is discussed in the article: Tool Support for Managing Requirements [In Context]

The primary objectives of Requirements in Context (RIC) is:

1. Keep each High-level requirement high-level.
2. Capture the detail applicable to each detailed requirement in 'structured' extensions.
3. Capture capability-independent data details within Data Dictionary extensions.
4. Capture operational details using capability-specific questions.

The downloadable spreadsheet includes the following tabs:

  • Introduction
  • RIC Requirements Meta-Model - A detailed data model of requirements-related extensions.
  • RIC Data Dictionary Meta-Model - A detailed data model of data dictionary-related extensions.
  • RIC Meta-Model Details - Definitions of the elements in the two meta-models using the RIC Data Dictionary template.
  • Operational Detail Questions - One set of questions for each of the five RIC capability types.

For further details about Requirements in Context see the series of articles.

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