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MacA&D 3.0 Automates Requirements Management and Software Design
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Posted by: excelsoftware on Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excel Software began shipping MacA&D 3.0 for system analysts, software designers and programmers. The new software is a Universal Binary application for native performance on all Mac OS X computers. It has enhancements to the user interface, integrated help, manual set, report scripting engine, installer plus new features to add, remove, duplicate and individually lock or unlock editing on diagrams.

* System Models & Simulation - Draw causal loop diagrams with equations and graph simulated results.

* Requirements Management - Define, trace, manage, customize and report requirements.

* Software Design - Automate UML, structured analysis & design, database design and multi-task design.

* Code Generation - Create procedural, object-oriented and SQL code from models and dictionary.

* Models from Code - Capture structure charts, class diagrams and data models from code with MacTranslator.

* Reports - Generate standard and scriptable reports, import and export text or output image and PDF files.

* Team Development - Integrate requirements, specifications, models, code and multi-user documents.

Choose the best mix of software models for each development project. MacA&D supports process, data, class, state, structure, object and task models with popular methods and extensive customization. Create language independent models or generate source code for C++, Objective-C, Java, Delphi, PHP, SQL, C, Pascal, Basic and Fortran. MacA&D scales to large projects, multiple users, distributed team development and the integration of thousands of documents across the development process.

Requirement entries are defined as structured information in a dialog controlled by a user-defined template of field and value choices. Requirements can link to any target document, diagram or specific diagram objects with two-way traceability. Easily create, navigate and maintain links between thousands of requirement entries and deliverables. Information is presented through user-defined views, queries and reports.

MacA&D is available by Single User or Site License. The Standard edition is $495, Desktop edition $1195 and Developer edition $1995. The company web site has demonstration videos on UML, structured analysis and design, data models, code generation, diagram generation from code, requirements management and system models with simulation.

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