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Apromore Releases New Tools for Business Analysts and Lean Professionals to Track Degradations in KPIs and Drill Down into Root Causes
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Posted by: Heather_Racicot on Thursday, November 9, 2023

Lean process and continuous improvement professionals now have one-click root cause analysis and simulation to optimize business operations 

Melbourne, Australia – November 9, 2023 – Apromore, a leading provider of AI-driven process mining and simulation solutions, today announced the release of new capabilities to help Lean process and continuous improvement professionals identify problems, improve speed of diagnosis, and aid troubleshooting to respond faster to changing conditions and goals.  

New Performance Trend Charts provide operations managers with a built-in, real-time solution to know when KPIs (key performance indicators) will not be met. The new Root Cause Analysis capabilities, based on explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) techniques, give business analysts the ability to quickly identify causes of process issues and test steps to improve outcomes to resolve and prevent problems that can lead to inefficiency and lost revenue. The simplicity of the Apromore platform means analysts can easily understand and use the platform to support initiatives such as digital transformation or operational excellence without relying on data scientists or IT support. 

Marlon Dumas, Chief Product Officer at Apromore, said, “Now analysts can spot an emerging problem, for example, with on-time performance, and drill down to find the cause within seconds. As a result, a customer might identify that requests from a certain broker are causing a bottleneck; they can then use the Apromore platform to simulate what happens if automation is applied and test the scenario until they have the optimal solution to meet service requirements. Our no-code platform means they do not need to rely on technical resources to create dashboards.” 

As one of the most important and effective techniques for Lean Six Sigma, root cause analysis helps sustainably detect and address underlying issues rather than just treating the symptoms. The Apromore platform’s new root cause analysis and KPI insights based on AI add to the company’s full spectrum of process intelligence capabilities, including automated process discovery, compliance checking, data-driven process simulation, and predictive process monitoring.  

Key New Capabilities: 

Root Cause Analysis – automated detection of factors that cause KPI violations, such as sources of delays, errors, or deviations. The versatility of this capability allows users to employ it in a broad spectrum of use cases ranging from field service processes, through to financial service processes, orders and purchase requests, and more.  

Performance Trend Charts – interactive visual trend charts enable users to easily understand what is happening across their business by tracking a given KPI over time, gain insight of related process trends, and use out-of-the-box recommendations to drive continuous process improvement with one-click analysis and automation.  

Simulation Enhancements – including the ability to automatically discover both case and event attributes from event logs, in order to capture specific case types and their routings throughout the process (e.g. loan applications of a certain type and above a certain amount take a specific path in the process). Further enhancements include the ability to define performance handicaps and overtime thresholds for human resources participating in the process (e.g. to take into account junior employees and work performed after hours). 

These new capabilities and enhancements represent the Apromore version 9.4 release and are available now.  

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By providing an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy process mining solution, the Apromore platform enables business teams to quickly visualize and analyze their business processes to unlock value in existing processes or identify strategies for transformation or optimization. The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, Apromore’s mission is to help organizations maximize value from their business processes by leveraging the full potential of process mining. For more information, visit   

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