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QuickCRC and QuickUML Developer Tools
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Posted by: excelsoftware on Monday, December 1, 2008

Excel Software is shipping an update to the QuickCRC and QuickUML tools to design object-oriented software on Mac OS X or Windows computers.  The updates include a new installer, interface enhancements, add and delete diagram buttons and a reduced price of $195 each.

The Mac edition is a Universal Binary application optimized for both PPC and Intel based Mac OS X computers.  The Windows edition runs on XP or Vista.  CRC cards or UML models can be edited from Mac or Windows.  CRC cards exported from QuickCRC can be imported into QuickUML to generate a UML model.

Use QuickCRC for responsibility driven design of object-oriented software with CRC cards.  Software designers use CRC cards to discover and document classes, responsibilities, attributes and collaborations between classes.  Identify and simulate design scenarios and partition complex designs into multiple diagrams with easy navigation.  The inheritance graph shows the class structure of the evolving design.  The user can assign the attribute access of each card responsibility and the tool presents an attribute access graph.

Use QuickUML to draw an integrated set of UML models with code generation.  Present an entire project through a tabbed window that includes use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code.  Use cases show user interactions with the system and link to models, code, foreign files or other use cases.  Class models contain classes, interfaces, components, packages and other objects.  Sequence diagrams illustrate object interactions.  Advanced features include code generation for multiple programming languages, design namespaces, stereotype extensions, color support, custom detail fields and automated class model generation from the dictionary. A developer can navigate through the integrated code file manager linked to use cases and diagram objects.

QuickCRC MacOSX 2.0.3, QuickCRC Windows 3.1.2, QuickUML MacOSX 3.0.3  and QuickUML Windows 3.0.2 are $195 each for a Single User License.  Each product is available in a 5-User Site License or Unlimited Site License.  The package includes software on CD, printed and PDF manual, example projects, step-by-step tutorial plus an integrated help system.  Visit the company web site for product information, PDF brochures, free trial download and secure online ordering.

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