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Partnerships – the human factor in business success
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Posted by: adrian on Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Melbourne, Australia 15th October, 2008:  IRM Training Pty Ltd announces a new 1-day workshop on how to turn run-of-the-mill relationships into successful business partnerships.

Why do we need partnerships – because organisations live and die by the effectiveness of their internal and external relationships. Time and again however, bad relationships result in failures or roadblocks – with no one able to pinpoint or rectify the causes.

To prevent this we need to effectively negotiate expectations, deliverables and responsibilities between all stakeholders. We also need to track relationship health over time and prevent conflicts before they arise.

Successful Stakeholder Partnerships is a new 1-day workshop where you’ll learn how to identify the tangible and intangible factors that turn poor relationships into successful partnerships.

In the workshop you’ll use Value Network Analysis to identify the tangible and intangible value flows between stakeholder roles. You’ll learn how to develop a Partnership Scorecard (developed by Optimice Pty Ltd) that can be used to monitor the on-going health of all stakeholder relationships.  You’ll learn how problems can be resolved at the role-to-role level, avoiding the finger-pointing or blame-shifting which too often occurs between departments or with suppliers.

“..the scorecard process provided us with truly unique insights into what is really
important for both Hargraves and our members….”
Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Suitable for project managers, business analysts, architects, designers, software developers, service delivery managers, customer service managers, business managers, stakeholders and clients the workshop is highly participative with role plays, team exercises and simulated case studies.

Workshop dates & venues:

Sydney:    1st December, 2008.    Marriott Hotel, 30 Pitt St, Sydney 2000
Canberra:    4th December, 2008.    Waldorf Hotel, 2 Akuna St, Canberra 2601
Price:    $825 including GST, lunches and refreshments.


Call 03 9533 2300
or email [email protected] for a booking form

About IRM Training
Established in 1989, IRM specialises in business analyst training workshops covering requirements gathering, process analysis, process modelling and project management.
Public workshops run regularly in major Australian cities and in-house workshops can be tailored to suit your organisation's culture and methodology. Instructors have many years practical experience and use real world examples to back up the course material.
All courses are designed and maintained in Australia. A continuous review and update procedure ensures the course content reflects current business trends. Our objective is to train you in practical skills which can be used immediately in the workplace. For more information visit

About Optimice
Founded in 2004, Optimice focuses on the processes and methods needed for successful collaboration between people. We provide training and consulting service to help organisations achieve longer lasting, more profitable partnerships
Developed by Optimice, the Partnership ScorecardTM incorporates both the tangible and intangible aspects of a partnership into the governance process, providing for early detection and mediation of partnership risks - before they become harmful. For more information visit




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