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MBA Preps "PRIDE" Methodology Podcasts
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Posted by: timbryce on Monday, July 28, 2008

PALM HARBOR, FL, USA (July 28, 2008) - In an unprecedented move, M. Bryce & Associates (MBA), the developers of the "PRIDE" Methodologies for IRM announced plans to produce a series of podcasts explaining the methodologies and how they work. "PRIDE" was originally introduced in 1971 as the first systems methodology in the industry. Since then it has evolved into a comprehensive approach for Information Resource Management (IRM), including structured methodologies for Enterprise Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Data Base Engineering, and Project Management.

In 2004, the vendor released "PRIDE" to the world in text form via the Internet. Now, MBA is releasing a series of podcasts explaining the methodologies via the company's weekly "Management Visions" podcast. The rationale and mechanics of each methodology will be explained phase-by-phase.

Asked why the company is releasing an audio version of the methodologies, MBA Managing Director Tim Bryce said, "It has been my observation that systems development has become an overly complicated process and, frankly, it doesn't have to be that way. People are confused and are looking for direction. Perhaps we can help through an audio version of our methodologies. Although "PRIDE" is a substantial body of work, it is actually based on some rather simple and common sense concepts derived from engineering and manufacturing. These free podcasts will be real keepers and I encourage people to download them accordingly."

Bryce went on to add, "Not all methodologies are created equally, some are waterfall based, others are forms driven, Agile, or programming oriented. Other than "PRIDE" I know of no other methodology that is as comprehensive as "PRIDE" or who use a truly engineering/manufacturing approach to systems work. It is a universally applicable approach that can be used in any company, on any information system, in any cultural environment, and is not restricted to any particular computer platform, data base, language, or programming tool/technique."

People who wish to tune into the podcast can do so beginning with the August 4th, 2008 edition of "Management Visions" which is located at:

Started in August 2005 "Management Visions" is a weekly broadcast which discusses a variety of management and IRM related topics. It is available in the following file formats: MP3, RM, and WMA. The "Management Visions" blog, which contains transcripts of the show, is located at:

The "PRIDE" Methodologies for IRM site is at:

According to Bryce, "Our goal is to demystify systems work and present it in terms that everyone can understand. Basically, we want to take the gobbledygook out of this business."

MBA is a division of M&JB Investment Company of Palm Harbor, Florida. For additional information, contact:

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