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ASPE, Inc. and Techtown Training Announce Upcoming Merger
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Posted by: ASPEINC on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Raleigh, NC – We are excited to announce that ASPE, Inc. and Techtown Training will be merging into one brand under the name ASPE. Our leadership team and in-house marketing team have already begun the rebrand process that will encompass the successful strategies and community-based cultures of both organizations. The merge of ASPE, Inc. and Techtown Training is vital for both organizations to continue to grow and evolve with the rapidly changing professional and technological climate.

Techtown Training provides cutting-edge DevOps, Data Analysis, Security and Testing assessments, training, coaching and consulting while ASPE Inc.’s capabilities have historically centered on Business Analysis, Project Management and Agile methods. The merge will only enhance our reach and capabilities further allowing us to better meet the needs of our customer in a fast-paced digital age.

ASPE, Inc. was already one of the nation’s leading IT and professional development companies, and with Techtown Training officially joining us, we will truly be able to provide even more specialized and tailored solutions for all levels of the enterprise; building and delivering a range of solutions options for DevOps, Agile, Business Analysis and Digital Transformations.


About ASPE, Inc.
ASPE, Inc.’s mission has always been to help organizations lower costs, increase efficiency, and increase the skill level and productivity of the professionals within those organizations. However, before we provided services for the SDLC professional, our focus was seminars for Psychotherapists and Psychologists in need of continuing education credits. Over the course of several years, we saw our services evolve into Business Finance training, Emergency Medical Records Implementation training, and then into the Software Development Life Cycle space.

ASPE’s mission has always been to provide professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to improve quality of life and make organization more efficient, more effective, and more successful.


About Techtown Training
Founded in 2015, Techtown Training is a cutting-edge DevOps, Security, Software Testing and Data Analysis training, coaching and consulting firm. Techtown Training goes far beyond simple demos by having students get their hands dirty with real on-the-job experience in a lab-driven environment. Techtown’s mission is to provide real, unbiased training and digital solutions.


Rebrand Coming in 2019
By combining both companies under a brand new look and feel, our goal is to provide our community with an enhanced and more streamlined experience.


We have a lot of exciting work to do and we need your help. Start by taking our 4 minute survey. If you have any comments or concerns, please reach out to:

Madeline Streicher
ASPE Brand Marketing Manager
[email protected]




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