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Process Intelligence Software Vendor Minit Introduces Financial Analytics
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Posted by: Minit on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Minit Is Bringing Financial Analysis of Business Processes to Customers via Microsoft Azure

SEATTLE – July 19, 2017 – Today Minit introduced a new version of its process intelligence software that includes financial analytics to deliver actionable insights and help companies immediately start saving and earning more. Minit process intelligence software is eliminating shortcomings of traditional process optimization methods by utilizing data already present in the organization’s systems.

Auditors who focus on compliance and managers who are interested in the performance aspects of business processes can now use Minit to track the money flow in their processes, determine if performance is aligned with appropriate benchmarks, and much more. Process intelligence software will prevent inefficiencies and maximize business performance while also reducing the timeframe and costs of analysis.

“We are excited to see how the Minit process intelligence approach will benefit Microsoft customers,” said Rasto Hlavac, CEO of Minit. “We have already seen how Minit can be successfully applied in the finance, automotive, logistics, and education sectors. With this new functionality, customers can see and understand how the money flows in their processes, measure the impact of their process improvement initiatives, and uncover potential revenues and savings.”

Modern business life revolves around a handful of systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, service management systems, BPM, LOB, and others. These individual process system tools operate in self-created silos where data from one process can’t be fused with data from another. Minit tackles this problem by collecting the event logs from each system, combining them, categorizing them with its special algorithm, and filtering them. The result is a realistic portrait of a company’s operations.

“With Minit powered by Microsoft Azure, customers can gain an accurate picture of business processes within their organization. Minit’s financial analysis allows them to diagnose causes of operational inefficiency and prevent future losses by making effective process improvements,” said Karen Cone, general manager, financial services at Microsoft Corp.

Minit relies on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and uses Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service, Azure Storage and Azure Virtual Network for licensing purposes, delivery of updates and all other requirements. Thanks to the Azure Infrastructure-as-as-Service, Minit can be quickly and easily deployed to customers and scale up according to current demand while ensuring the security of valuable business data. Minit on Azure lowers the TCO of the solution. Customers no longer have to invest in on-premises infrastructure based on future usage predictions, but can benefit from operational costs that dynamically adjust to the current demands.


About Minit

Minit is a leading independent software vendor with expertise in automated discovery, analysis, auditing and monitoring of business processes. Minit turns company data into value by providing visual insights into processes and highlighting opportunities for improvement, increased revenue and savings, and improved efficiency across the entire enterprise.

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