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Now You Can Query Data from Any Source – without SQL Expertise
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Posted by: QuestSoftware on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stop Waiting on DBAs and Slow Queries to Get the Data You Need
As a data analyst or business intelligence manager, you need instant access to data. But without deep SQL expertise, you’re at the mercy of slow queries or DBAs who are already overwhelmed with their own projects. Waiting around isn’t an option. You need the power to execute better queries that return your data in seconds.
Toad for Data Analysts provides a more efficient way to query data – and it doesn’t require years of SQL experience. It puts powerful multi-platform querying and reporting capabilities at your fingertips, all from a single interface that automates and streamlines time-consuming tasks.
With Toad for Data Analysts, you can easily connect to any database. And with advanced features like an easy-to-read grid that shows you database relationships, you can instantly understand the data structures you’re working with. Meanwhile, the query builder enables you to create fast-running queries, even if you’ve never written or edited a SQL statement before. Through the graphical interface, you can visualize queries, as well as join data across platforms. You can even query multiple connections simultaneously with a single statement.
But this feature-rich tool doesn’t just help you access the data you need – it simplifies every part of your data-related projects. To help you ensure the validity of your data, it offers a compare-and-synchronize functionality. And reporting? It lets you schedule and automate all aspects, including distribution. Toad for Data Analysts also enables you to export data in a variety of file formats, including Excel through a single click.
And because this streamlined solution is so simple to use, it reduces training costs. It also eliminates the need to maintain multiple product licenses to support diverse database platforms. With Toad for Data Analysts, you can meet all your multi-platform querying and reporting needs with a single, affordable solution.
Only Toad for Data Analysts empowers you to blaze through your work, without struggling to write queries or relying on others for help. You won’t believe how much easier your job can be, and how much more you’ll accomplish, with this powerful data analysis solution.
Learn more about how you can take control of your data-related projects in the white paper “Keeping up with the Demand for Data.”




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