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New Wisdom Software announces RuleGuide Software as a Service
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Posted by: llambert on Friday, July 22, 2011

One Decision Maker’s response to RuleGuide as a Service,

“I like the low cost, low hassle, big benefits”.


The RuleGuide Software as a Service (SaaS) model includes the use of RuleGuide decision and rule management software, scaled for a Business Unit to Enterprise level for the term of the hosting.  Servers are sized per client requirements for the number of users, traffic estimates, and information storage requirements.


Subscribing to hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) is a norm today for most companies.  Large and small companies are taking advantage of substantial cost savings and efficiencies of the SaaS approach.


New Wisdom’s RuleGuide Software as a Service Includes:


  • Dedicated servers with security, 24 x 7 x 365 server support, with a 100% uptime guarantee
  • RuleGuide application maintenance and release support
  • Standard RuleGuide administration training
  • Standard RuleGuide two day user training class
  • Maintenance and monitoring of servers, software, and database
  • Scheduled information / data backups
  • Quick start up for the business domain in a matter of days

The New Wisdom RuleGuide SaaS pricing starts at $2995 per month with an initial hosting commitment term of 24 months.


Why RuleGuide Software as a Service:


·         Eliminate additional infrastructure and personnel costs.  Software development and delivery costs are covered by New Wisdom, including server hardware & software, system security, disaster recovery, maintenance, and monitoring

·         Accelerate deployment as RuleGuide is accessible in a matter of days

·         Pay-as-you-go pricing model means paying for services as a monthly expense

·         Customer receives continuous updates and upgrades

·         Allows internal IT application team to focus on more strategic projects. Client IT department involvement is not required for the setup, upgrades, or maintenance

·         Reduce risk of failed deployment


Immediate RuleGuide SaaS Advantages:


·         New Wisdom’s focus is on managing their SaaS allows client resources to shift focus to its core competencies

·         More efficient and faster deployment, immediate evaluation, more collaboration with business  and IT

·         Web 2.0 user interface enables users to log in to RuleGuide from anywhere there is web access

·         Eliminate shelf ware and software maintenance

·         Customer is always on the latest software

·         One version for New Wisdom to support means lower costs for everyone


About RuleGuide


RuleGuide is a business decision and rule management tool for the business team to capture, analyze, and manage decisions, rules, and related information.  RuleGuide is a web based application with an SQL repository.  With web access the distributed teams can access RuleGuide in a real-time environment to update and collaborate on business decisions and rules.

New Wisdom Software develops business decision and rule managment software for the business community.


Visit for more information.




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