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MDA Delivers Robust Business Analytics Capabilities Directly to Individual Business Users with Lavastorm Desktop
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Posted by: NancyByrne on Thursday, May 12, 2011

Powerful Low-cost Tool Gives Individuals the Independence to Gain Valuable Insight into their Data to Rapidly Uncover Trends and Build Complex Analytics

BOSTON--For business analysts looking for a high performance tool to give them broad new capabilities to analyze and leverage their business data to create insight for their senior management, MDA today announced the launch of Lavastorm Desktop Professional (LD Professional). LD Professional is an individually-licensed business analytics tool available for online purchase, giving business analysts increased independence and access to a low-cost, intuitive tool that empowers them to easily acquire any structured data, build analytic models and simplify analytics reporting.

“With the new online purchase option for LD Professional, we’re cutting the red tape, and enabling business analysts to bridge the cost, performance and ease-of-use gap in the market.”

Most business analytics solutions require users to understand technical programming languages or work closely with internal resources to get access to the atomic-level data needed to analyze major business problems. With solutions that attempt to bridge this gap usually only available as larger, server-grade installations that entail longer cost approval and installation times, frustrated individual business users have typically had to rely on low power tools to conduct complex and comprehensive analytics.

The online availability of LD Professional addresses this need by providing business analysts with a low-cost, high-power tool they can decide to purchase independently that provides intuitive, visualization-based business analytics capabilities and only requires a basic level of software understanding.

“Many of today’s desktop business analytics solutions fail to handle significant data volumes or complex and conditional queries. Business analysts are frustrated with low-power tools, requiring work-arounds like constructing their analytics in complex programming languages or waiting for purchase approval of large enterprise-scale, server-based suites,” said Andrew Rockwell, Chief Executive Officer, MDA. “With the new online purchase option for LD Professional, we’re cutting the red tape, and enabling business analysts to bridge the cost, performance and ease-of-use gap in the market.”

Those interested in learning more about Lavastorm Desktop Professional’s capabilities and seeing it in action are invited to attend a live webinar on Thursday May 19, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, led by MDA’s CTO, Rich Boccuzzi. To register for the complimentary webinar, please visit: Intro to LD Professional Webinar.

Key Facts about Lavastorm Desktop Professional

  • The visual development environment enables a repeatable analytic approach to drive business decisions and take meaningful actions.
  • The tool includes comprehensive, pre-configured analytic functions (nodes), rather than technical programming languages, enabling easy acquisition and manipulation of data sets for a highly-visual and interactive user experience that shortens the time and improves the accuracy of complex data analytics.
  • LD Professional is available for immediate direct purchase or 30-day free trial, requiring only a simple software installation procedure on the user’s desktop.
  • Users get access to both pre-packaged training that comes with the software and can also join scheduled online group training sessions with MDA experts.

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About MDA

MDA is a global business analytic company that enables our customers to optimize business operations, notably the complex and critical order-to-cash process. Through our Lavastorm Analytic Platform and associated Adaptive Modeling capability, we deliver powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, customer experience analytics, service delivery analytics, trade & settlement analytics, data migration assurance, compliance and risk analytics, and dealer commission analytics. We deliver these solutions in the communications, media, energy, and utility markets, helping our customers optimize current operations and de-risk the transition to new products and new business models.

With the Lavastorm Desktop Professional, we provide turn-key desktop software that is easily adopted to acquire data, analyze business problems and drive business decisions and actions. For more information, visit


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