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Software Professionals – use IDIOM Lite to build your new business
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Posted by: on Thursday, April 22, 2010

John is one of a small group of developers who have built useful personal relationships with a range of larger organisations who use his and his associate’s services for small to medium size developments.
"We do a good job at building solution components for our clients, who include small to mid-tier financial organisations, even a couple of local banks. But", laments John, "we are not big enough to compete on delivery of complete solutions, and more importantly, we never seem to be able to hold on to the IP for the components we do deliver. Bottom line is - we are only selling our time, and this limits our financial upside".
John has built up a lot of valuable domain knowledge from his many customer engagements, but he does not have it in a form that he can sell. In order for John to turn his knowledge into money, he must first turn it into a software asset, and he would prefer to use time rather than his hard earned cash to do it!
John’s first step will be to identify and develop into software components, quickly and at low cost, aspects of best practice that he understands well through his unique client experiences. He also needs to be able to easily customise this IP on a customer by customer basis, and to deploy it into each customer’s platform using any number of language and integration options. What John needs is a decision modelling tool that he can use to build his core IP, adapt it to his customers requirements, and deploy it into the platform of choice - all on a very modest budget. And of course, John wants to own the IP outright.
According to Mark Norton, one of the founders of IDIOM, "IDIOM Lite is an adaption of the enterprise class IDIOM Decision Manager that is specifically designed to address John's situation – to develop and manage IP on a third party basis, and with the development agility to adapt that IP to any customer’s requirement and deploy it to any platform using virtually any integration method. IDIOM Lite is offered initially for free, then on a very low cost pay-as-you-go basis – so John can definitely afford it! And the IDIOM toolset can expand with John's business, with the enterprise class IDIOM Decision Manager and IDIOM IQ Workbench both available to address future enterprise level requirements under an individual tailor-made technology partnership arrangement.”
For more information on how IDIOM Lite can start you on the path to building a business around your own valuable domain knowledge see




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