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Effective Software Project Management

Effective Software Project Management
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Categories: Project Management

Author(s): Robert K., Ph.D. Wysocki
Paperback: 618 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0764596360

Why another book on software project management?

For some time, the fields of project management, computer science, and software development have been growing rapidly and concurrently. Effective support for the enterprise demands the merging of these efforts into a coordinated discipline, one that incorporates best practices from both systems development and project management life cycles. Robert K. Wysocki creates that discipline in this book--a ready reference for professionals and consultants as well as a textbook for students of computer information systems and project management.

By their very nature, software projects defy a "one size fits all" approach. In these pages you will learn to apply best-practice principles while maintaining the flexibility that's essential for successful software development.

Learn how to make the planning process fit the need
* Understand how and why software development must be planned on a certainty-to-uncertainty continuum
* Categorize your projects on a four-quadrant model
* Learn when to use each of the five SDPM strategies--Linear, Incremental, Iterative, Adaptive, and Extreme
* Explore the benefits of each strategic model and what types of projects it supports best
* Recognize the activities that go into the Scoping, Planning, Launching, Monitoring/Controlling, and Closing phases of each strategy
* Apply this knowledge to the specific projects you manage
* Get a clear picture of where you are and how to get where you want to go


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