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Mastering Data Modeling: A User-Driven Approach

Mastering Data Modeling: A User-Driven Approach
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Author(s): John Carlis, Joseph Maguire
Paperback: 416 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0201700459

This book introduces Logical Data Structures (LDS), a powerful new approach to database design that can dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness and business value of any enterprise database system or database-driven application. The authors introduce a new notation, new diagramming approach, and new user-centered, high-ROI techniques for modeling even the most complex, high-volume database applications. This book starts from first principles, asking and answering crucial questions like: "To best serve users, how should the process of data modeling work? To create good, economical software systems, what kind of information should be on a data model? To become an effective data modeler, what skills should you master before talking with users?" Next, it teaches data modeling using LDS, designed to encourage a user-centered, requirements approach that leads directly to more effective applications. The authors walk you through the entire process of creating and enhancing a data model. For all database administrators, analysts, designers, and architects, and for all IT managers responsible for enterprise database system management or deployment.


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