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People Before Things

People Before Things
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Author: Chris Laping
ISBN-13: 978-0997368000

The latest statistics suggest doom and gloom in the world of change and innovation. Meanwhile, workplace culture appears to be taking a hit, too. Gallup reports that 70% of all change initiatives fail and almost 70% of the US workforce is disengaged. In his debut book, People Before Things, Chris Laping argues that there’s a connection between the two. And in a sharp departure from everyday thinking, he suggests that change isn’t an end-user (or team member) problem … it’s a leadership opportunity.

People Before Things offers a journal of stories and personal experiences that humanize the impact of organizational change and innovation. It also challenges that leaders control seven conditions that most influence success, and provides a practical guide to enabling and activating those conditions. While People Before Things isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, it offers specific and concrete advice that readers can instantly apply in their everyday work--advice that will simultaneously impact the success of change and innovation and team member engagement.

As a backdrop to the book, Chris Laping offers a deeply personal and authentic reflection of lessons learned throughout his life and career. His rollercoaster storytelling engages readers with humorous tales and universal appeal, all while focusing on the people-related groundwork that’s needed to be successful with change and innovation.

People Before Things is a reminder that if you want your customers to love you, it starts with your team members loving you first … and how you treat your team members when something big changes will determine if they will love you. Intended for any executive, middle manager, or grassroots influencer, this is a message for all levels of leadership. People Before Things helps leaders become CHANGE leaders.


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