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Data Modeling Made Simple with erwin DM

Data Modeling Made Simple with erwin DM
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Authors: Jeff Harris and Steve Hoberman
Paperback: 538 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1634628440

Master erwin DM to deliver robust and precise designs for both operational and analytical projects.

Steve and Jeff start from the basics, explaining data modeling concepts and how to get up and running with erwin DM (erwin DM). Through a hands-on approach, business analysts, data professionals, and project managers will learn step-by-step how to build effective conceptual, logical, and physical data models. Complete the stages in identifying essential business requirements, designing the logical data model, transposing those logical modeling objects into physical tables and columns, and even generating the implementation database scripts.

This book contains seven parts. Part I provides a foundation in data modeling and Part II a foundation in erwin DM. Part III covers the design layer technique and its application using erwin DM, distinguishing conceptual, logical, physical, and operational data models. Part IV covers entities, domains, attributes, key groups, validation rules, default rules, and subject areas, along with how to implement them using erwin DM. Part V explains the physical data model and how to convert a logical data model to a physical data model in erwin DM. Become confident creating tables, columns, indexes, and views. Part VI reveals advanced features available within erwin DM, including user defined properties, naming standards, forward engineering, reverse engineering, complete compare, report designer, and the bulk editor. Part VII explains several important tools to use in combination with erwin DM, including erwin DM NoSQL, erwin Data Catalog, and erwin Data Literacy.


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