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5 Rules for Writing Effective User Stories

5 Rules for Writing Effective User Stories
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Categories: Requirements
Author: Thomas Hathaway, Angela Hathaway

Paperback: 52 pages

User Stories are a great method for expressing stakeholder requirements, whether your projects follow an Agile, Iterative, or a Waterfall methodology. They are the basis for developers to deliver a suitable information technology (IT) app or application. Well-structured user stories express a single action to achieve a specific goal from the perspective of a single role. When writing user stories, stakeholders knowledgeable about the role should focus on the business result that the IT solution will enable while leaving technology decisions up to the developers. Good user stories are relevant to the project, unambiguous, and understandable to knowledge peers. The best user stories also contain crucial non-functional (quality) requirements, which are the best weapon in the war against unsatisfactory performance in IT solutions.

This eBook presents two common user story structures to help you ensure that your user stories have all the required components and that they express the true business need as succinctly as possible. It offers five simple rules to ensure that your user stories are the best that they can be. That, in turn, will reduce the amount of time needed in user story elaboration and discussion with the development team.

This eBook targets business professionals who are involved with an IT project, Product Owners in charge of managing a backlog, or Business Analysts working with an Agile team.

Angela and Tom Hathaway are the founders of BA-EXPERTS, a training and consulting company for "anyone wearing the BA hat (TM). They have authored numerous training courses and publications. Tom and Angela have facilitated hundreds of requirements discovery sessions under a variety of acronyms (JAD, ASAP, JADr, JRP, etc.). Working as a team, they strive to expand the base of skilled business analysis practitioners and business professionals around the world by sharing their experience and expertise in training seminars, blogs, books, videos, and public presentations.


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