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One more time: Do we still have to write requirements?

Modern Analyst Webinar

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Thursday, February 9, 2023 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)



Sometimes it seems that the decades old debate between agile software development and non-agile approaches about whether requirements need to be written down is not going to go away. But the debate lingers on. On the one side, there are a number of reasons why we need to have a written record of project and software requirements. On the other side, we should just sit down and talk about it until we figure out what were going to deliver in the project or with the software. This webinar attempts to provide a definitive breakdown of both sides of the debate and a recommendation for what can be done to increase the potential for quality project results and working software.

• Why gather and document requirements?
• How does a “no requirements” environment work?
• What happens to the job of requirements definition?
• What is a business analyst to do?

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Starts 2/9/2023 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)
Ends 2/9/2023 @ 12:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)


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