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Digital Design Professional - 3 Essential Steps to Innovative Digital Solutions

Modern Analyst Webinar

When & Where

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)



Since the invention of the iPhone, the world has rapidly accelerated towards a more digital future. While we once focused primarily on seeking solutions for unsatisfied needs, increasingly we now shift our focus towards creating digital solutions for emerging needs. Whether our ideas will become as successful as Airbnb, Netflix, and others, depends largely on our ability to design forward-looking and innovative digital solutions that have the potential to change the world.

In this webinar, we explore the main drivers and building process for designing innovative digital solutions using three essential steps: scoping, conception and realization/operation. Each step will be illustrated using real examples to demonstrate the different tasks, work products, challenges and opportunities that will drive your design and development activities.

When you attend this webinar, you will:
• learn how to apply proven concepts from industrial design to your digital product design
• learn how the distinction between solution perspective and system perspective helps to more accurately describe your digital solution.
• learn the three essential process steps and the work products necessary to develop a digital solution.

We look forward to having you join us for this event!

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Starts 9/8/2020 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)
Ends 9/8/2020 @ 12:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)


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