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The Four Top Transferable Skills

When & Where

Friday, May 31, 2019 @ 11:00
(EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00)

Oklahoma City, OK, USA



Being able to seek out opportunities rather than waiting for them to find you is a key skill because it means your employer isn’t going to have to constantly watch over your shoulder. You can prove yourself to be an asset to the company if you put yourself out there and offer new ideas on how to develop areas of the business that you have experience in. Display this on your CV by including any experiences where you have achieved something from one of your ideas, such as a blog, project or dissertation. Talk about this in the interview, explain how proud you were of the final achievement.


It is rare to find a job description that doesn’t include ‘good time management’ or ‘good organizational skills’ under requirements. Having the ability to arrange meetings, develop projects and manage your time effectively goes a long way with employers. They want to know that you will be able to represent the company well by ensuring clients are dealt with professionally. To present this skill in the application process, make sure you have all your documents organized and arrive to any interviews punctually to give your employer an insight into your time management and organizational skills.


There are always going to be days when things just don’t go your way and issues arise. Employers want to feel reassured that you will be able to handle any problems effectively and with confidence. It will depend on the industry you’re working in, but being able to work under pressure is a skill that everyone will benefit from improving for their career development. It’s always good to give an example of how you have handled a high-pressured environment or situation in your interview as this is often a question asked by employers.


Working well with others is a valuable skill for most businesses as often you will have to work as a team to achieve the best results for the company. It shows maturity and the ability to delegate by understanding which role you suit best within a team, as well as which tasks are more suited to your colleagues. If you have experience of working as a team in your previous job then be sure to mention this on your CV. This skill can also be presented in your ‘activities and interests’ section by detailing any clubs, teams or group organizations you have belonged to and completed tasks with.

Identifying your transferable skills and displaying them both on your CV and in an interview is crucial to making a good impression during the application process.

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Starts 5/31/2019 @ 11:00
(EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00)
Ends 5/31/2019 @ 12:00
(EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00)
The Readers Club
2255 Meadow Drive

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