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Summer webinars for writers

When & Where

Saturday, June 1, 2019 @ 16:30
(CST Central Standard Time GMT-6:00)



So, the following webinars are scheduled for June-July.

1. Webinar for writers "Why does history need a stage?"
First of all, we created it for listeners of the open course “Building the world in 30 days: a stage for history”, but it will be interesting to everyone who plans to seriously engage in writing books.

The lesson took place on June 18th.

2. Webinar for novice writers “I want to become a writer! The first steps".
This lesson will be interesting to those who are just thinking about writing books. On it we will tell about the very first steps and give a kind of “road map”, according to which you can come to your dream - to become a writer.

The webinar took place on July 11th.

3. Webinar for writers "The main components of the bestseller: peace, hero, conflict."
It will deal with the three main directions of the writer's "preparatory" work - that’s where any book begins: the main character, the world in which the action will unfold, and conflict - the main driving force behind the plot.

This lesson will be interesting to those authors, who are already about to imagine how the books are born, but I would like to bring my knowledge into the system and understand where it is better to begin personally with him.

The webinar will be held in July.

Record on the webinar opens later. Stay tuned!

We are waiting for you at our summer events!

More Details

Starts 6/1/2019 @ 16:30
(CST Central Standard Time GMT-6:00)
Ends 6/30/2019 @ 22:00
(CST Central Standard Time GMT-6:00)
1053 Cemetery Road

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