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What is Enterprise Orchestration?

Posted by Adrian M.

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Before we discuss enterprise orchestration, imagine an organization who is at the forefront of digital transformation employing cutting edge technologies and modern agile practices to optimize everything which can be optimized, digitize everything which can be digitized, and automated everything which can be automated.  

This organization:

  • has state of the art HR software which ensures its human resources are deployed and utilized effectively

  • uses RPA to automate all repetitive tasks and processes

  • deployed rules-driven decision automation software

  • established a robust value stream management practices

  • developed AI-driven customer interaction experiences

  • modeled its business processes and tracks key performance indicators

  • has quantum computing capabilities

Sounds like a great organization, right?

Well - it’s still missing one key aspect.  It does not have a view of how these great investments in various areas of the business work together or influence each other.  It cannot easily make an executive decision and drive the impacts of that decision across all aspects of the business.

This is where enterprise orchestration comes into focus.

Enterprise Orchestration is the capability to quickly and effectively orchestrate all the myriad of the organization’s resources (people, processes, systems, platforms, policies, financial resources, expertise) to accomplish a given goal such as:

  • implement a business decision by the board of directors,

  • comply with a new regulatory framework,

  • create and deploy a new product or service,

  • increase capacity based on a new infusion of capital,

  • etc.

For now, enterprise orchestration is a vision but making it a reality is closer than ever with the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and the focus on hyperautomation.

A robust enterprise orchestration capability would be enabled by a specialized enterprise orchestration platform, a system which supports:

  • a centralized digital view of all of the organization’s assets (people, processes, systems, financials, etc.)

  • connectivity among the various digital assets (software, rules, processes) and non-digital assets (people, hardware, real estate, etc.)

  • the ability to change the attributes and behavior of the organization’s assets and components,

  • simulating “what-if” business decisions and modeling the expected impact to the end-to-end organization,

  • etc.

What is Enterprise Orchestration?



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